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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Don’t you just love Adam?

After all, who lately has made such an adieu about cuddle this and kissing that? A pinch here, a fondle there.

Now that America is under hate crime watch, is loving Adam Lambert a hate crime? I was pondering that this evening when reading all about ABC zapping him for their “Good Morning America” bit.

The whole problem is this: So you love Adam Lambert. Does that mean that you hate God?

Adam Lambert is telecasting that he is an out-o-the-closet kind of person. And he proves it on stage by kissing an onstage male entertainer—impromptu, so who can judge him for doing what his drives tell him what to do?

More than that, he leads around stage fellow males on leashes. Now if that’s not anti-Petticoat Junction, I don’t know what is.

But the quandary is this: Adam Lambert does this kind of mix-up and gets cancelled on one major network while picked up on another. He’s got thousands of Americans phoning in to television execs complaining about his capers. He’s got interviews with reporters, whining he’s sorry if his lifestyle stuffs it in people’s faces.

Then he persists in romping around while screaming out a screech and smashing a male’s head in his crotch.

Now is loving Adam Lambert a hate crime? Because I read in the Bible that doing that kind of thing as a male to male is repulsive to biblical deity. And so if it is that basic a madness, then perhaps Adam Lambert is putting his signature to a hate crime.

I mean by that that God hates his display because it is sin.

Of course, everyone who knows a smidgen about the Bible knows that the God of the Book forgives a genuinely repentant soul. So if Adam Lambert sincerely confessed his whatevers to God, God would bestow mercy. Note: it would have to be sincere; that is, to “go and sin no more,” as Jesus told the woman caught in adultery.

However, of course, I am not at all leaning in the direction of Adam Lambert running to the confessional for at this juncture in his young life he is making a lot of money and fuss over his carnal flips. He’s got a lot of people yakking pro and con. That makes for a star slot in some individuals’ opinions.

But back to the main point: Is loving Adam Lambert a hate crime? That is, is loving Adam Lambert equal to his committing a hate crime. Maybe I should have put it that way at the outset.

In any case, it is a serious matter. For if one Adam Lambert is committing a hate crime in God’s estimation then it would behoove him to weigh his present spotlight in nastiness with what lays ahead eternally.

What say you?