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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Barack Hussein Obama is championing free health care for illegal aliens.

That is going to up health care costs for all of us, particularly the financially-strapped Americans. That is not fair.

Nevertheless, Obama is doing what he can to bankrupt the Republic for he is a Marxist Muslim. Mob hysteriacs put into the Oval Office the left-of-left Congressman, far more left than Ted Kennedy. That is an abomination. Yet at present level-headed patriots are forced to live with it, that is, until God intervenes to save this Christian-heritage nation.

Obama sent to Congress a health plan that has not been read completely by every Congressperson. It is not understood by most of them who have tried to read it.

It is not endorsed by grassroots Americans who want to choose their own health plans. And so forth and so forth.

What Obama wants is free health care for illegals. That is not stated outright but it is implied for it is not stated otherwise. Illegal aliens, if Obama’s plan gets passed, will get without-cost health care coverage without question.

This will open wide the American borders doors for more illegals to swamp the country. Why should they not?

They think, not like the hysteriacs who put Obama into the White House.

They think. They take advantage of the socialized base that Obama wants for America.

They think. They win. They get free care and the rest of us wonder how our country was robbed from us in the President’s first year on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Though Obama’s plan may not state in plain English that illegals are covered, the lack of language stating otherwise will create a de facto amnesty by which illegals will receive free benefits.

Contact Congresspersons to oppose government health care for
illegal aliens.