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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

B. Hussein Obama has set forth his ambitions for our educational system.

One can get an overview here: “Obama Lays Out Education Priorities” at

What is missing is how to control classrooms’ misbehavior.

I have taught in public schools. I worked particularly in an alternative learning school where the so-called troubled high schoolers were placed.

I have experienced unruly student behavior first-hand. At one vocational school, substitute teaching that day, I left after ten minutes. The ones seated in front of me were so obstinate that I decided the sub pay was not worth the aggravation.

I could go on and on with numerous like examples but conclude that most readers already know what is going on in our nation’s schools. It is mayhem. It is lack of regard for teachers. It is madness in some quarters, so much so that police walk the hallways.

Now B. Hussein is trying to fix this.

What is missing in B. Hussein’s overview is God. God was ousted from our public school system over time. When I was a youth in public school, we began the day with the pledge to the American flag, prayer and Bible reading over the public address system.

Of course, today that is considered politically incorrect.

However, that is the missing link that could have kept our
educational system sanely balanced. Now that link has been hoisted. That leaves our classrooms in the horrific state that they are in.

When God was ousted, biblical morality was ousted as well. Now today we have lesbian/homosexual clubs, their posters pasted all over the school building, their agenda defended by school systems’ heads.

We have prohibitions against Christian anything—clubs, prayers, Bible reading and so forth. When these prohibitions come to the attention of legal defense teams willing to go to court on behalf of Christians, sometimes these situations change for the better.

Today the classroom is basically a pagan settlement void of biblical values and the recognized presence of God.

Yet these are the youth who are going to be our national
leaders. These are the young people who are going to teach, police, operate and manage our country in years ahead. However, they are taught in an environment neutral or hostile toward the Creator God.

Unless B. Hussein, Marxist Muslim, turns to the biblical God and endorses his divine revelation as the moral base for society, his educational plan, as with his other plans, will come to naught.