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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Somehow the Dems aren’t on to vetting right smart.

They kept asking John McCain if Sarah Palin had been vetted properly. “The View” Joy yanked that one out again the other day. O Joy!

Did anyone vet Tim Geithner afore B. Hussein named him for high post?

Did anyone vet Tom Daschle afore B. Hussein named him for high post?

Did anyone vet Nancy Killefer afore B. Hussein named her for high post?

And let’s not forget: Did anyone vet B. Hussein Obama afore he became President of the United States of America? After all, some of us are still waiting for his real, live birth certificate let alone his biblical endorsement for claiming to be “Christian” as well as his claim of never having sat through Jeremiah Wright’s anti-Jew anti-white pro-Muslim rants.

That brings up—legitimately—Al Franken, again, sadly.

He needs vetting, plus. For prime time vetting, Franken did not pay up. He owes $70,000. Where? In more than 17 states.

Franken spoke as celebrity center stage while tripping from shore to shore. He was supposed to register taxes for same. This dates back to 2003.

Franken’s rah-rah team has yet to verify that he actually paid taxes on all that.

When asked about the fine line detail, Franken clamed up. This is our illustrious patriot salivating for the Minnesota Senate chair.

When pressed, Franken coughed up that he knew nothing. If there was a slip-up, check with his lawyer, Allen Chanzis. Maybe he knows something about little things like that.

Somehow the Dems have left a stinking trail—in arrears.