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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

When my wife and I visited Jerusalem in 1966, we walked through a divided city.

The next year was the famous Six Day War. During that conflict, Israel became one under the Jews.

Since then, Muslims have screamed for their take on the entire city. They have threatened increasingly their control over the Temple Mount. They have scraped away at Solomon’s stable sites.

Muslims want the original temple area to be non-existent. Their Dome of the Rock must be the all-in-all. Any sign of Jewishness must be erased.

Christians have been at prayer for God to keep the Holy City under Jewish domain. They likewise intercede that Islamic encouragement throughout Israel pull back.

Now former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promises that if his party is elected, Jerusalem will “remain under Israeli control,” per AP.

“Surrounded by reporters in Jerusalem's Old City, Netanyahu said Jews had prayed for 2,000 years that they could return to their Biblical capital and re-establish sovereignty.

“Rejecting any negotiated settlement that would transfer part of Jerusalem to Palestinian control, he pledged to ‘keep Jerusalem united under Israeli sovereignty.’”

Biblical Christians concur.

In addition, Netanyahu has promised to squash Hamas in Gaza, without question. He will not tolerate anything less.

“’My leadership will overthrow the Hamas rule in Gaza’”
Likud politician Binyamin Netanyahu promised Israel if elected head of state, per Jerusalem Post.

Netanyahu is convinced that Hamas cannot be bargained with, diplomatically engaged or talked out. He believes that Hamas, the murder machine, knows only one language. It is force.