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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Nancy Killefer, appointed by B. Hussein Obama as first chief performance officer for feds, failed the test.

She did not pay employment taxes for over a year on household hire. Not sound judgment, Nancy.

What about Timothy Geithner? He’s now Treasury Secretary but many think he should not be. He finally paid up. Total: $34,000 in income taxes. Not sound, Tim.

What about Tom Daschle? He’s in the wings, waiting to see if his tardy pay up of $128,000-plus in income taxes will hurt his chances as Health and Human Services Secretary.

Bill Richardson? Another one, true. The New Mexico Gov took out his name for Commerce Secretary. Reason? Complications regarding a grand jury investigation. Into what? State contracts issued to political cash flows.

B. Hussein lived his political life in corrupt Illinois hideaways. He was bed fellows with the Nation of Islam, tutored by anti-Jew anti-white pro-Muslim Jeremiah Wright and wined and dined with the alley
cat politicos and those of other low-life sorts.

B. Hussein does not have a pure history.

Therefore, when B. Hussein picks, he picks them wary like.

Now get this: Nancy Killefer, not too good at math, is married to an economics professor.

Oh well, as Daschle reminds us, “No one’s perfect.”

Right, just ask Ted Haggard.

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