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Friday, February 13, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

If the local town council did what Congress is doing the town citizenry would burn down town hall.

But Congress’ Dem dictatorship lead by B. Hussein Obama dictatorship gets by with political murder.

This is the state that our Republic has come to at its supposed higher echelons.

The stimulus bill has not been read. It is hundreds of pages in depth. Yet the Dems sign on to it.

B. Hussein is gloating at his mesmerizing mystic moved from mob hysterics on The Mall to the Congressional halls of the most powerful country on Earth.

If there is ever a dictator now holding the power, it is B. Hussein, Marxist Muslim. This is the murky marsh to which our country has descended. It is the desperate plight we have come to.

Thank the mob hysteriacs and liberal press for the loss of our American way. Thank them for the mind boggling debt transferred to our children and grandchildren. Thank them for implanting in Congress the Dem group of imbeciles who still collect their pay and yet doom the very government they were elected to refine.

Eleven hundred pages in the bill that not one Congressperson read in its entirety. Not one member of the bill creators read it through.

“Handing the new administration a big win, the House Friday passed President Barack Obama's $787 billion plan to resuscitate the economy” per Andrew Taylor of

“Win”? Hardly. “Resuscitate the economy”? How can anyone empirically believe that when not one sign-on has read the complete document.

However, B. Hussein goes to the cameras to exude his gratitude toward those who framed the nonsense as well as those who voted for it.

It does not matter. To B. Hussein what matters is not the nation’s economy but his own power build. And he has built it higher with this so-called “win.”

“The bill was passed 246-183 with no Republican help. It now goes to the Senate where a vote was possible late Friday to meet a deadline of passing the plan before a recess begins next week.

“’This measure is not bipartisan. It contains much that is not stimulative,’ said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. ‘And it is nothing short—nothing short—of generational theft’ since it burdens future generations with so much debt, he added.”

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