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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Christian broadcasters are sensing that there could be opposition to the clear gospel preaching now that B. Hussein Obama, mask Muslim Marxist, is in the Oval Office and a theologically liberal Congress is in his corner.

Therefore, the Christian Broadcasters association met recently to proclaim that they will not compromise the Bible. They will preach God’s Word regardless of the politics in the White House and anywhere else.

They proclaimed that they are answerable only to the God of the Bible. They will remain true to the Scriptures, no matter what mortals may do to undercut the Word.

“The nation’s largest association of Christian media professionals is sending a strong message to Washington, making clear their intention to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ regardless of what government restrictions there may be in the future.

“’The day has come when we need to say, “We will preach the gospel of Jesus Christ whether some government makes it illegal to do so or not,”’” affirmed Dr. Frank Wright, president and CEO of the National Religious Broadcasters, during a press conference this past weekend.”

The NRB had met in Nashville where they supported the biblical position with a standing ovation after its proclamation was read aloud, per Eric Young, Christian Post Reporter.

B. Hussein says he’s “Christian” while cutting through Christian ethics. He supports killing womb babies and sodomy, for instance.

B. Hussein has cut through the American Christian presence with various legislative acts he’s signed in his first month in the Oval Office.

In his inaugural speech, he lifted “nonbelievers” on the same plain as Christians.

Various sections of his so-called stimulus bill are anti-Christian, per Mike Huckabee.