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Thursday, December 3, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Tiger Woods’ wife: Elin Nordegren Woods.

Tiger Woods offers his wife millions to stay married to him—so much dough per year.

Is this not one of the most outrageous inhumane offers imaginable? Can a husband who has been caught having sex with other women now offer his wife money to keep her in the same bed? Money?

Talk about Muslims demeaning females with such atrocities as “honor killing.” Seems as if Tiger Woods needs a basic lesson in Christian morality—regard-for-wife as starters.

Women all over should claw Tiger Woods’ cheeks to add to scars already drawn by Elin Woods. It’s unbelievable that feminists are not climbing all over this item. Then they should lose a few high-heeled shoes up Tiger Woods’ sitter.

Elin Woods is already so wealthy she could buy whatevers till her last day on the planet. Why then would she be offered dollars maximum to keep the male half intact?

“Standing by her man” does not equal reaching out for Tiger Woods’ bank account. Reason would conclude that she’s already got her grip on most of it if hubby’s antics reveal more devilment.

No doubt that indeed will happen as the other women—plural, no less—pick up fat checks from journalists detailing those escapades under cover.

When Tiger Woods makes a money offer to his wife, that in itself should alarm any marriage counselors dialoguing with the twosome the adulterer’s obsession with the monetary. In other words, he doesn’t get what marital vows are about. Not at all.

Money, obviously, solves Tiger Woods’ problems for Tiger Woods.

But money plus more money in Tiger Woods’ case is beside the major point. The fellow is beyond help if he bases the marital healing on what’s in his wallet. Yet that is what is reported.

Not healthy at all. Not.