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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

What would one think of a born again, Spirit-filled believer who makes no apologies for her biblical faith?

That’s what yanks liberals totally out of their wormwood trees.

They don’t understand, first of all, what “born again Spirit-filled” means. They have such an individual rolling in the aisles and frothing at the mouth. That’s how ignorant the unbelieving are.

Of course, too many in America are of that caliber when it comes to biblical faith. Because they simply don’t get the Word of God, they are in frenzy when the word “Palin” is even whispered.

Martha Stewart is the latest mean example. She, a sophisticated, learned liberal—that is, learned in the secularist tradition—was asked what she thought of Sarah Palin. She replied, among other negative derides, that Palin was “boring.” When asked the question, one would have thought Stewart’s face had taken on the prune shape.

Stewart said she would not go to hear Palin even if she were paid. In other words, Stewart would not bother walking across the street to hear the former Alaskan governor.

That’s about it for liberals’ understanding of Palin. They loathe her, demeaning her at every slap.

Naturally, Palin knows that this is part of every biblical believer’s turf, not just hers. She and her husband have braced for that reaction ever since committing their lives to Christ.

Does not every Christ disciple know it is basic scriptural knowledge that Christ warned His followers they would be hated just as He was hated? Consequently, when Palin puts herself “out there,” she knows hatred is at the top of reactions.

Yet it is so sad that any American should have to tell reporters that the nation needs to return to God. That should not be news. That should be our cultural milieu. It should be our fundamental reason for being as a country. It should be an accepted given.

All those who shout otherwise put aside, the country was founded upon biblical believers who worshiped Christ, studied the Bible and lived it, taught it in the classrooms and preached it from village pulpits.

Those who rewrite American history scratch all that for secularizing the Republic like unto Europe’s unbelief. But the facts are there, no matter the propagandizing of unbelievers.

America has strayed far from the biblical ethic. When grassroots redefines “marriage” according to the devil’s lexicon, America has gone frighteningly distant from the God who originally smiled upon our origins.

When mainline denominations play heathen rather than preaching clearly the Scripture—even to crowning a lesbian Episcopal bishop—the country has bowed too frequently to hell’s doctrine.

One, sadly, can add to that a long list of various sins that have become “America accepted.”

That puts us under the wrath of the Almighty once we trespass across his patience line. If and when that trespass happens, the Almighty will come with his judgment of condemnation upon our country from coast to coast.

Palin knows that.

She knows her Bible. She knows the prophetic passages regarding the End Times. She has been schooled in biblical detail. It is as close to her as breathing for she has steeped herself in the Word.

All the more one can sense that she is rightfully anxious for our nation’s future. She wants this Republic to return to God’s blessing, detouring His curse. She wants a genuine revival upon the land.

That is why she can take ridicule. She knows that by unbelievers slicing and dicing her she is doing the Lord’s work. She is called to this mission. She will commit the onslaughts against her to His keeping rather than permitting them to fester.

Of course Pailn is correct when saying that our nation needs to return to God. But why should this even makes the news?

It does because there are so many who don’t even get it. They just don’t get how pagan America has become.