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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Each year the Christmas tree gets hatcheted by those who conclude it represents too much “Christian.”

What would the world do in December if the Calvary tree was the chief Christmas symbol throughout the Christian world? After all, Christ was born to die, giving His holy life in our place. Christmas points to Good Friday / Easter.

The Calvary tree upon which the Savior sacrificed Himself as our Substitute, shedding His own blood by which the repentant can find salvation, would be utterly anathema to the pagan.

In Golgotha tree’s place, the Christmas tree takes the raps. Note Haagsche Hogeschool college. Each year the institution has celebrated Yuletide with a Christmas tree. But now the Christian-haters have flung the tree into oblivion. School officialdom has confessed that they don’t want the tree up because it represents too closely Christianity.

What that really means is that since it represents too closely Christianity it represents too closely Christ. When I read these reports, I ask myself: What horrific act did Christ commit that makes Him so hated?

Yet Mohammed raped, murdered and threatened on a whim. His name is revered by millions. His Koran is considered ‘holy writ.’ His Allah is regarded deity.

However, the religion-dumb ones permit this killing cult, Islam, equal time with world religions. Islamic banners can wave from campus chapel ceilings. And so forth.

At the Dutch college, traditionally the meters-high tree was seen by all walking through the school's atrium. However, not this year. In the tree’s place are streamers and lights dangling.

And what does that mean? Officialdom says it means “light and heat.”

I don’t even try to think that one through. But at first nudge, I would assume it represents heathen priority.

Twenty thousand students are at the school. Numerous students “expressed fury on the Internet about the decision not to put up a tree this year.”

So there you have it.

“’Because a handful of religious good-for-nothings take offence about a tree with some lights and colored balls, the rest of the school community has to suffer,’ complained one pupil” per