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Sunday, June 28, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Do you want Canadian socialized so-called health care? Not.

I have friends in Canada who are still waiting for their medical help. They have been put on lists. They have to wait for the list to shorten so that they can supposedly get some help.

I know one woman who waited 4 years for a pacemaker. Fortunately, she did not die in the waiting.

I know a man who went to a large city hospital for help regarding his lower spine pain. The doctor who met with him treated him “as a piece of meat,” to quote this friend.

I told this man to get in touch with Lahey Clinic in Burlington Massachusetts. He was reluctant for he did not understand our health care in the United States.

His pain persisted. I persisted. His wife persisted.

Finally, he called Lahey. He was given the red carpet treatment over the phone. When he finally drove to Lahey with his wife, he met with the doctor. The red carpet treatment continued. He was welcomed as a first-rate human being who needed first-class health care.

The doctor gave the friend the doctor’s card, urging him to phone the doctor when he made his final decision. “I have 7 surgeons ready to perform the operation you need,” the doctor told him.

Eventually, the pain got so severe that my friend arranged with Lahey for surgery.

Today he is fine. He walks without pain. He works without pain. He is not confined to a wheelchair as he was headed prior to Lahey. He even got a return on his initial money pay-down.

There are those in the US who want government to decide on our health care. That means giving up our option to choose our own. The government voices say that we will still have the health care option in our pockets.

I don’t believe that.

All Americans must fight to keep our health care plans, our health care options, to prohibit government from telling us what health care we will have.

Fight government intrusion on our health care plans.