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Monday, June 15, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

If you’re a Christian today, you’re a part of the spreading disease oozing around the planet. It’s just as natural as breathing — the spread of the dreaded disease by being a Jesus follower.

Further, if you’re a Christian pastor true to biblical data, you’re all the more a disease spreader. You are in fact at the top of the hated list for extermination.

So it is that Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) goes after especially the biblical preachers. Of course, liberal Democrats can get into pulpit after pulpit and give forth with their misinterpretations of Scripture. They yuck yuck. Grin as if on Sesame Street. Give forth with an Amen or two or three. Quote Scripture out of context. That’s all okay. After all, they’re applauded enthusiastically by those black folk. Why, that’s American. That’s down-home cozy. That’s just being neighborly.

But let a biblical orator give forth with scriptural revelation and the AU is on the church steps following the benediction. It can be that swift. Somebody gets hold of the sermon and the pastor is blackballed. It’s nuts. It’s demonic. It’s simply more of the intrusion of evil upon our lives, encroaching upon the sacred environs more and more.

Amy Fagan reports for the The Washington Times that “a fight is erupting. . .between conservative churches and liberal watchdog groups that are going to the IRS and accusing ministers of violating the law if they speak out about political issues and candidates.”

Of course what was especially interesting this past election time frame was that so many of the political issues were not so much political at the core. They were spiritual from alpha to omega. And they continue to be.

That’s the case with killing womb babies and endorsing sodomy as a legitimate lifestyle. That’s the case with euthanasia as well as writing one’s own religion, e.g., desecrating Communion by defying biblical teachings while partaking of the elements. And so the beat goes on: politics and religion — two hot categories shooting off the charts.

So why should not the biblical pastors give forth? It’s their mandate from the divine. They are the prophets in the land. They must speak out regarding morality and ethics, particularly when so many politicians and apostate clergy today are championing immorality and the unethical. To be silent is to become party to evil, being the cowards of the wimp brigade.

Of course the biblical preacher is going to craft a sermon dealing with present tense sin in public life. He’s going to explain to his congregation God’s stark truth. It is the fight of righteousness against demonic activity. It’s as old as God exposing the snake in the Garden. Do the liberals really think they are going to stop the parade of truth in America — around the world, actually?

Therefore, they may seek to jail the pastors, fine them, embarrass them and whatever, but all the more truth tellers will remain wedded to their mission — broadcasting the divine revelation at all costs. That’s what genuine Christian ministry is all about — not accommodating or compromising or baptizing worldliness as Christian lifestyle. It’s preaching “Thus saith the Lord. . .” and then letting the preaching chips fall where they may.

It has become so severe a situation that Rep. Walter B. Jones of North Carolina (Republican) is introducing a bill to “allow all religious leaders to speak out on politics and even endorse candidates from the pulpit if they choose.”

It’s about time. Three cheers and a sanctuary full of prayers for Rep. Jones.