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Monday, June 15, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

You know you’re in big-time trouble when French prostitutes point the Jerry Falwell finger of righteous anger at the competing choir on the other side of the aisle.

You see, the girls are collecting political clout against a new law that would fine them, punish them and send them a-scurryin’ for lounging about the city streets.

Not good.

French Minister Nicolas Sarkozy is cutting right through current legality of French prostitution. Pioneer fellow, that he is. His “security bill” would lop six months jail time plus 7,500 euros ($7,500) on each gal’s head.


He explains that insecurity runs the streets because of these females hanging out like they do. As we read, the Senate debates this new proposition.

Those for the law loudly proclaim that their cozy neighborhoods are tawdry with condoms on avenues the morning after. Their nice children are at risk, and just the sight of a female body prancing about for the obvious is not becoming to polite people.

Enter Claudia—lady of the evening member of the France-Prostitution Board of Directors. She and her esteemed collection lobby against the proposition by seeking to create civil dialogue while uplifting the profession’s sympathy in the eyes of the populace.

Now comes the righteous finger of anger pointed determinedly across the aisle.

Claudia claims that the metro insecurity comes about, not because of her likes tramping the streets, but because of her gender from eastern Europe and Africa taking over their trade. “The insecurity problems are caused by the prostitution rings. . .It is a modern day slavery, sexual slavery and that’s where the crime is.

"The organized crime rings that bring girls into this sexual slavery are out to make money and don't care about any destruction they leave behind," she said. "We (the stable supply of established French prostitutes) have worked for thirty years to become part of the community."

The plot thickens.

The French Green party assists the prostitutes in their cause against the Sarkozy law. Anne Souyiris, Green Party mouthpiece who is her group’s liaison with the women of the avenues, lets loose with such compassion as seeking to unite neighborhood folk, local authorities and prostitutes. Nothing like having a well-oiled bridge to cross on—female-manned at that.

"The professions of sexuality are very beautiful professions if they can be exercised in liberty," Claudia says. "But they become sordid and ignoble if they are not voluntary.

"We can support the police in their actions to help them identify these crime rings that enslave unwilling victims, and the government should let us do our work, which we do freely and as law-abiding citizens," she claims.

So 300 masked prostitutes (what was that all about? Mardi Gras, here we come) from across the country marched recently before the Senate with protestations at the propositions. Another lively frolic (demonstration) is planned for mid-December.

Now all that brings us to philosophy and politics and morals. Bottom line: when a society becomes so ultra-liberal so as to permit legalized prostitution, then there develops still another societal rung lower than pimping and propositioning. In this case, it is white slavery.

That then opens up the door for righteous indignation, finger pointing and blame throwing. Those with the index finger in horizontal position, tautly spiking the air, are after all the ones in the righteous know. That deflects attention to their wicked stance so as to paint their wagons white while the gals on the other side of the aisle must be hauled off to where they were dragged from.

Liberalism, when following its rope to its nth, always falls out on itself, whether in theology, philosophy, politics or neighborhood tussles with prancing donkeys in the streets.