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Monday, April 27, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

"We cannot rebuild this economy on the same pile of sand," B. H. Obama said. "We must build our house upon a rock."

Obama was speaking to an economics conclave at a Catholic campus. His house building was from the Sermon on the Mount, of course.

That’s how Obama tries to make himself appear “Christian.”

When campaigning in New Hampshire, the Marxist Muslim was asked about his position on sodomy. He told the inquirer to check out what the Sermon on the Mount had to say about that.

There is nothing in Mathew 5-7 about active homosexuality—or latent, for that matter.

Obama, like all liberals, delights in picking and choosing what Bible passages are opportunistically convenient. Therefore, these liberals say what they want the Bible to back up for their own purposes.

Attending a theologically liberal conference at arch-liberal Riverside Church in Manhattan during the 1980s, I heard the speakers wear out the Bible’s verse that God will make “all things new.”

They were intent at that time on molding American politics per their base. They were excited. They and liberal politicians were going to make “all things new” for the nation.

So far it hasn’t happened.

Actually, there are scores of evangelicals who fall for Obama’s game playing with Scripture. These are the airheads in pews who simply cannot get it that this man is The Enemy.

Actual biblical moralists know exactly what is going on in DC. It’s the spiritual war of God versus Satan, an old battle. But now it is in bold relief throughout the North American continent.

What would one call the espousal of “gay marriages” and abortion rights?

What would one label the secularizing of a Christian heritage nation?

What would one conclude concerning Obama discarding biblical ethics for moral relativism?

What would one say about hate speech leveled
against Christians telling Bible truth in public regarding God’s abhorrence concerning active homosexuality?

What would a genuine patriot conclude about the Fairness Doctrine out to mug conservative voices throughout the country?

Every generation has to live with the Devil. Now this present-tense is faced with the dark powers at every turn—education, religion, politics, arts, international relations, you name it.

The Dems as the death party have given themselves totally to desecrating the Bible and the Bible’s God. That is especially evident when so-called Congressional Catholics continue to take the sacrament while endorsing killing womb babies. They don’t care. They are used to telling God where
to go.

So it is with theological liberals in the nation’s churches and seminaries. Take Notre Dame, for instance. That hierarchy is more than willing to have abortion enthusiast Obama as their chief speaker. Devout Catholics of moral bases have clamored. But naturally that means nothing to the apostate.

Why should it?

After all, they have a President of the United States who quotes the Sermon on the Mount?