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Sunday, April 19, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

The audience truly was cynical because Susan Boyle did not look the win. She looked the fool, actually.

This 47-year-old Scot however has turned the world over flip with her voice.

“I’ve never been given a chance before,” she answered when Simon Cowell asked her why she had not made it as a success prior.

“But tonight may make the difference,” she replied confidently, hopefully on Britain’s Got Talent.

As soon as she opened her mouth to sing Les Miserables “I Dreamed a Dream,” the audience was on its feet. The three judges were astounded, their faces spreading volumes.

She made her cat Pebbles proud.

She also has turned her snide neighbors who put her down over years to be “nice” to her, to use her word for the sociological change brought about by her worldwide take.

Presently, media hang out at her abode trying to get a picture, an interview. But she’s housing at some friend’s place. It’s safer there.

With invitations to appear on Oprah, interviewed by major networks, and perhaps even the chance of singing before the Queen, Susan Boyle has every chance of seeing her dream—not die—but come alive. The world in such a dire straight is surely in need of such a smile.


“When you stood there and said with that cheeky grin that you wanted to be like Elaine Paige, everyone was laughing. But no one is laughing now,” Pierce Morgan said.

“We were all being very cynical and this the greatest wake up call ever,” Amanda Holden confessed.


Susan Boyle: Britain’s Got Talent: