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Thursday, April 16, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

It just could be that Texas Governor Rick Perry could become the Republican Party’s real-life real-time star.

If so, it won’t be because of mob hysteria that flushed B. H. Obama onto Pennsylvania Avenue. It will be because Perry’s brain works in logic time. That has made connection with the thinking citizens of America.

It’s about time.

Mob hysteriacs fed by liberal media have had their day with the Marxist Muslim now ensconced in the White House. But time moves on—quite quickly, in fact. With that, events change.

So it just could be that Perry’s championing of state’s sovereignty could be the patriotic reality “change” and “hope” to save the Republic.

With the Internet now as each day’s “newspaper,” thinking Americans are getting their news detail from their computers.

In addition, they are watching Fox News night and day because they believe in Fox’s ethic. They know that Fox defines what should be in this country. This galls B. H. and cadre. Fine. The more galls, the better the nation in the long run.

Perry’s call for states’ rights over federal dictatorship is the focal issue around which other prime factors will spin. It will not take that long for the spin to fly right from shore to shore.

Not all America voted in the Marxist Muslim. Those who did not are not sleeping. They are already marching as is evident in the Tea Parties power scene. Though the liberal media taunted the Party or ignored it, the Internet newsfeeds and Fox News valiantly filled in the truth gap.

Our knowledgeable public knows where to go to connect with the actual. And that number will grow. It is growing.

That will eventuate in democracy’s healthy “change” and “hope” traditionally honored.