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Sunday, April 12, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“Evil is never triumphant. Evil never has the final say.”

The pastor of the Captain’s Vermont church gave that witness to media on Resurrection Day.

Captain Richard Phillips was rescued from Muslim Solami pirates. His family had prayed. His church was in prayer. His wife in particular communicated with her husband that he could be assured of their prayers.

In the give-out of rescue detail, the return to prayer’s power continues to reverberate via Fox News in particular.

It is interesting that while B. H. Obama told the Turk Parliament that America is not a Christian nation, when a Captain is ready to be slain by Muslim pirates, that Captain’s Christian church and Christian household go to their Savior in prayer.

It is interesting that as the President of the nation with a Christian heritage disavows that heritage publicly, Americans go to their knees on behalf of the Captain and his family.

It is our background. America has been struck with tragedy over and over again because we inhabit a spiritually damaged world. However, America has a biblical backdrop grounded by its founders.

That backdrop knows how to find the God of the Bible. That heritage has been schooled in how to have faith in troubled times.

Though secularists and anti-Bible leaders like B. H. Obama would have us scrap the Scriptures, this nation is still held together by a righteous remnant that will not bow down to today’s idols. That remnant is the baseline as to why God’s mercy continues to umbrella our country.

Though some of our political and religious leaders have lost their ways of soul, there are countless disciples at the grassroots who still hold on to Christ’s redemptive power to save.

Therefore, what the Captain’s pastor told newsfeeds on Easter is exactly what these biblical believers broadcast by their lives. They testify that evil does not have the last word. Christ as Alpha and Omega has the divine right to write the last sentence in every committed life.

On this Resurrection Day, celebrating the greatest event in human history, genuine Christians give praise to heaven that this miracle at sea caps our resolve to keep strong America’s Christian heritage.