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Saturday, April 25, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Republicans and Independent conservatives can rant and rave all they want about B. H. Obama and the Dems. But if the Reps don’t come up with a young charismatic leader, it’s nix.

Rep leaders are getting older. That does not make for a win.

Spiritual leaders like James Dobson are leaving their previous posts. That means that unless Rep spiritual leaders into social issues are there on the front line, Reps are crippled.

Political leaders like Newt Gingrich are not appealing to those under 30.

Conservative voices like Rush Limbaugh are moving up the age scale.

Where are the replacements for James Dobon, Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh? If they are “out there,” they had better move center stage soon.

B. H. Obama was put into the Oval Office by mob hysteria and liberal media.

He is not capable. He is not going to match up to the pressing problems. Nevertheless, those who put him in the White House are crazed by his presence. That’s what counts if he is to remain on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Reps must meet that challenge with a young talented personage who can win the eye as well as the head. He has to strike it hot on social and political issues that are genuinely conservative.

Where is that person? Reps are hard pressed to locate him.

Instead, Fox News’ stars are grappling with issues ad infinitum. And what they say most of the time is quite on target.

Now that kind of intelligent give-forth can continue till the cows come home; but unless there is the right individual to match up to the conservative intelligence, the diatribes will continue without producing anyone as United States President.

Right now conservatives are giving themselves totally to dissecting issues. Fine. These are usually brilliant dissertions.

Nevertheless, those must have a grabber face attached to them or it’s only so much Rep wind blowing to the whim and the willows.

Poor America. It’s conservative leadership is growing older and older, not replaced by a younger cadre capable of swinging to the crowds in a meaningful fashion.

Poor Republic. It is believed by the folk over 40. But what about the American voters 30 and under? They are not mesmerized by the Republican Party, sadly.