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Saturday, April 4, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

One of the most liberating concepts to be actuated by the sanctified is: "I don't belong to me. I belong to Jesus. I have been bought with a price--His blood!"

When that is a sanctified reality, the Christian is set free from his own manipulations and dreads. He is liberated from his self-drive and concentration on "getting ahead." There are no more comparisons with others' lives and ambitions.

The believing yet carnal mind is forever professing Jesus as Savior while ignoring Him as Lord. It is a mindset which, according to Scripture, is double-minded.

Naturally this split-head state has to be the most miserable plight for any religious person to endure. One side is with God; the other side is on self-drive.

Sanctification is a conscious surrender of one's entire existence to Jesus, not only as Savior, but just as importantly, as Master and Lord. Therefore, the sanctified must activate in practical living the "I don't belong to me; I belong to Jesus" mindset.

After all, it was this Jesus who bought us with His blood. We are indeed purchased with the priceless gift of divine blood shed at Calvary.

Why is not this submission a once-and-for-all inner experience? Because the human activates free will in every conscious moment. Life is fluid. Therefore, the crisis experience of sanctification must be followed by the continuing experience of sanctification.

Therefore, this day will call forth from you your choices for self-drive or Jesus control. To decide on the former is to be carnal. To choose the latter is to be sanctified.

When the Christian no longer seeks his own security, position, and acclaim, then he is free to be love slave to Jesus. Until then, the Christian connives, many times subtly, to provide his own security, position and acclaim.

Therefore, getting personal, do you complain to God about the small church you pastor--struggling, dealing with persons who don't seem to care that much about eternal matters?

If you are a layman, do you exist in a similar stressful situation?

If so, then say to yourself: "I don't belong to me; I belong to Jesus. I have been bought with His blood. This is where Jesus has placed me. As a love slave to Him, I will accept this for this is where He--in all His wisdom and love--has placed me."

This is spiritual minimalism at its freest.

Do you sit back and, scanning the peoplescape, wonder why it is that you are left in the dust while others are flying high in the sky? Wonder why it is that servers are not given the applause that getters seem to come by? Wonder why it is that you are left at the back of the line while others are glowing at the front of the line?

All of this is ultimately of no concern to the sanctified for the latter no longer work on self-drive; they are under directives from Jesus--solely. What happens with others' places in life does not matter.

Once someone said to me, "Where are you in your career?" I answered, "I don't have a career. I have a calling. And where I am is not up to me. It is up to Jesus. Frankly, I hardly ever know where I am; and in that I am free."

The world is large. Human history is long. Where we "fit" into the positioning this-and-that of others is finally beyond our comprehension anyhow. We could never take it in for we do not have the analytical equipment by which to do so.

Jesus views the large world. He overscopes human history. He knows then just where HE needs each sanctified servant to "fit"--especially you. Therefore, all decisions regarding your biography are always with Jesus. Live with that and be at peace. Accept that and be set free.

I don't belong to me; I belong to Jesus. I have been purchased by His blood.