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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

That’s what is major in the Great Summit now bowing and smiling in London.

Nothing earthshaking will come out of it. That’s a given.

Therefore, for those into analyzing drama, there is the Sniffing Out Obama Show going on whenever the major players meet.

After all, this is Obama’s first international stage. So he and wife will be at their smiling height.

That’s about it, people. That’s about it.

Sniffing Out Obama will be augmented with applause in the boulevards. Once again we have mob hysteria supplanting logic-in-real-life-real-time.

Obama’s ego is totally engaged when mob hysteria is at its screeching peak. It drives him all the more to consider the possibility of taking the World Crown upon his head. After all, Obama has “hope” in gear.

As far as this leader show doing anything to save the globe from its cliff-edge, it won’t happen. Therefore, once again days move into weeks and weeks into months with nothing actually solving anything.

Those who believe in the God of the Bible conclude that God is at work on His turf. God knows what history is up to. God is laying out His prophetic lines in the world drama, no matter what mortals do or say.

Consequently, Bible devotees know that any of these global shows amount to nothing more than world-think in contest with divine revelation.

These devotees hold that the Bible is absolutely true when it states that God’s ways and thoughts are far, very far above mortals’ ways and thoughts. Mortals outside God think otherwise; but that only adds to the mortals’ folly.

Bible devotees realize that they continually sideline the language and thought processes of mortals, particularly mortal so-called leadership, for that has no ongoing power for global unfolding.

The Bible’s God is unfolding global this-and-that per scriptural prophecy.

In the meantime, mortals outside God flail. The more they flail, the more circumstances become snarled. Therefore, the present drama going on in London will add to this twist and turn.

For the media cameras, however, the Sniffing Out Obama Show is all they’re going to get. And consequently so with the public.