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Monday, March 30, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

". . .as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith." Romans l2:3

When God set forth His rescue mission called Redemption, it was meant to be available for "whosoever will." Therefore, the Calvary cross is the most democratic spot on the planet. It is where "whosoever" may come to receive the blood spilt. The Grace Gift Himself is stapled to that wood. "Whosoever" may then bow beneath that Gift to receive Him personally.

Faith makes that act possible. That faith in itself becomes the first gift provided in order for the mortal to receive the Grace Gift Himself. Faith is available to all who would receive it, then activate it toward the Calvary cross.

". . .God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith."

Everyone has been offered by Creator God the chance to be saved from sins, guilt and the fear of eternal hell. There is no prejudice with deity. He is no "respecter of persons." He Himself became incarnate to deal with us all, to open His arms to us all. There is no teacher's pet in the eternal kingdom; anyone who repents of his wrongs and so embraces Jesus becomes one of the grace children. It is that simply put.

Therefore, take that faith provision and use it for your soul's health. It is there for that express purpose.

As you accept the faith provision, you then fall in love with the Faith Provider. Why? Because He Himself has acted out so much love toward you in order to rescue you from damnation that logic would say that you would return your entire love package to Him--that is, your whole earthly sojourn for His purpose.

And at that point comes the cross.

This Jesus, having loved you with an unfathomable love upon Calvary, then reasonably expects you to be anxious to take up His very symbol--the daily cross--to walk with it. You do. Then you yoke your life's neck to Him as He makes the trek with you.

Faith makes all this possible for faith starts the jaunt and so faith will conclude the jaunt. It is all a matter of faith in One whom you have never laid eyes on. That is, your physical eyes have never taken Him in; but you have seen Him with the eyes of the soul. And it is with those eyes that you are going to see glory in heaven. So those eyes are most the significant in that they will outlast your physical eyes.

Faith opens up the friendship with your Sinless Sacrifice. Faith reveals to you the necessity and reward of the daily cross. Faith will take you home to the eternities where your Love waits for you, having prepared the Father's mansions of holiness for you.

Keep then the faith intact, unmoved, loved for its Giver's sake and kept pure by His blood.