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Sunday, February 22, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Various plagues come upon Earth during the about-seven year Tribulation period prior to the Second Coming of Christ.

These plagues are symbolically pictured by Jesus in the Book of Revelation, the latter given in vision to John on the Isle of Patmos off of Greece circa AD 95.

Could some of these plagues be caused by projected robot warriors?

Per The Times: “Autonomous military robots that will fight future wars must be programmed to live by a strict warrior code, or the world risks untold atrocities at their steely hands.

“The stark warning — which includes discussion of a ‘Terminator’-style scenario in which robots turn on their human masters — is part of a hefty report funded by and prepared for the U.S. Navy’s high-tech and secretive Office of Naval Research.”

Naturally God does not need mortal assistance in leveling divinely propelled plagues on the planet. However, sometimes God does work via mortal operations.

For instance, the bowls of wrath detailed in Revelation 16 could be set loose by way of robot warriors as described by media.

Interestingly, the Bible underlines that the bowls of wrath do not come upon God’s grace children. They come upon only the unsaved.

This will prove to be another Christian witness to the world that the God of the Bible is more powerful than the AntiChrist and False Prophet rule from the City of Seven Hills (Rome).

God’s grace children are on the Earth but do not come under His anger. They live under His mercy. Therefore, they are exempt of the wrathful bowls’ pour-out. This stark contrast between the saved and unsaved will bring some unsaved to repent of their sins to Jesus the Savior.

Concerning the robot warriors: “The report, the first serious work of its kind on military robot ethics, envisages a fast-approaching era where robots are smart enough to make battlefield decisions that are at present the preserve of humans.

“Eventually, it notes, robots could come to display significant cognitive advantages over Homo sapiens soldiers.

“’There is a common misconception that robots will do only what we have programmed them to do,’ Patrick Lin, the chief compiler of the report, said. ‘Unfortunately, such a belief is sorely outdated, harking back to a time when … programs could be written and understood by a single person.’”

Bowls of wrath permitted by God will be under divine timing and methodology. They will not be subject to mortal failure. However, the robot warriors are not that fail-safe. They could go berserk.

“The reality, Dr. Lin said, was that modern programs included millions of lines of code and were written by teams of programmers, none of whom knew the entire program.

“Accordingly, no individual could accurately predict how the various portions of large programs would interact without extensive testing in the field — an option that may either be unavailable or deliberately sidestepped by the designers of fighting robots.”

NOTE: Pastor Swank authored MOMENTS TO GO, A STUDY OF THE SECOND COMING, Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, 1974, the book now out of print. However, a few copies are available via such venues as Amazon books.

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