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Saturday, February 7, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Haleema Bibi, 5, is married to Arshad, 23.

Ayesha, 8, is married to Hamayun, 15.

Muslims elders performed the ceremonies in Islamabad’s Abbottabad district per Usman Manzoor of The International News.

All of this mistreatment is due to Muslim males making agreements within clans and outside clans, villages and elsewhere, in order to get this settled and that taken care of.

Little girls are used as bargaining chips. They are innocent; however, they are molested in the name of “marriage” Muslim style.

This is not rare. It is common in Muslim countries, usually going unreported. Little or no protest is forthcoming because it is woven into the Islamic way.

“Uncle of the victim girls, Muhammad Sabir, while talking to The News said that six months ago one Sajjad and Abida of Biran, a village in Abbottabad tehsil, had solemnized court marriage and had settled in Karachi since then. He said a jirga of elders of the village arranged a sitting on January 19 and ordered to give two nieces of Sajjad in marriage to the two men of Abida’s family.

“There were around 100 people in the jirga while the father of the minor girls, Muhammad Yousaf, was alone and the two girls were forcibly married to the men of the rival family.”

There you have it: forcibly.

Females have no status but that of dung servant in Muslim environs.

This is known to so-called moderate Muslims, some who have degrees from various universities and colleges worldwide.

Where is their outcry? Where is their castigating of those who mistreatment little girls? Where is their publication of protests?

They are silent—the usual silence of the so-called moderate Muslims, the Islamcs in your neighborhood, the Allah devotees who doctor in your hospital.

By the way, does anyone hear protests from the National Organization for Women?

Where are the liberating feminists concerning such issues in Muslim countries? Why is there not a global, concerted effort to explode these atrocities into the newsfeeds?

Questions upon questions plague the genuinely moral individuals of this world.